Newsdesk to May 12

More variable climate means a less just world. Climate change threatens the world’s poorest people with greater injustice as a more variable climate compounds the effect of the warming itself – ClimateNewsNetwork

  • Trump White House quietly cancels NASA research verifying greenhouse gas cuts –
  • What New York AG resignation means for Exxon probe and environment lawsuits?- InsideClimateNews
  • Powerful hurricanes strengthen faster now than 30 years ago –
  • EU states call for ambitious truck CO2 emissions targets – Reuters
  • Actors paid to support power plant in New Orleans council meeting –ThinkProgress
  • Hurricane season may be even worse in 2018 after a harrowing 2017 – Guardian
  • CO2 levels reach highest level in 800,000 years – Independent
  • Tourism’s carbon impact three times larger than estimated –  BBC
  • California says new residential buildings must have solar – RenewableEnergyWorld
  • Costa Rica to ban fossil fuels – become world’s first decarbonised society – Independent