In Honor of Alan Burns:

Support Sustainable Farming, Solar Project in the Philippines

Many of you have asked how best to honor Alan’s memory. As you know Alan became deeply connected to the Filipino people during his 2014 Climate Walk across the Philippines – a country which continues to be one of the most vulnerable to climate change. Alan appreciated the simple lifestyle of the people he met, as well as their generosity, as they hosted him and the other pilgrims along the 620-mile journey. He also saw a lot of need.

Many local communities struggle with outdated technology, volatile weather conditions, and an excessive reliance on agricultural imports. All of this exacerbates food insecurity in a country already struggling to meet food demand. One such community currently subsists on small-scale mining, but hopes to transition to sustainable farming. This community has a need for a solar-and-wind hybrid energy system to pump water and irrigate local farms, water livestock and provide drinking water to residents. The name of the town is Malaya in Camarines Norte.

Before Alan passed away, he discussed this project with fellow pilgrim Albert Lozada, and wrote an email to friends back home stating he’d like to raise funds for this project. Albert is with Philippines Greenpeace, and works to make these types of renewable energy projects possible. He is organizing a team to conduct an energy audit, and to figure out the most effective and least expensive solar technology option. The project would emphasize sustainable agriculture, responsible solid waste management, and renewable energy. Albert estimates the project would get underway next year, and would then be replicated in neighboring towns. We hope to create a plaque with Alan’s name next to the project.

Please donate what you can to honor our friend Alan and our fellow brothers and sisters in the Philippines. Donations will go to support this project.