COP Conferences

COP28 – Analysis of Dubai talks

Do not feed the silence

The climate change Conference of Parties (COP28) in Dubai broke a certain silence. For the first time, States overcame strong fossil fuel extraction wealthy resistance, and confirmed the need for ‘transitioning away from fossil fuels in energy systems’.  Courage was led by Colombia, a fossil fuel dependent country traumatized by debt and war, whose Minister announced a ban on new fossil fuel extraction.  She then called for a ceasefire in Gaza to stop the killing and suffering of people. She was not alone. Read more.

COP25 – Outcome of Madrid Talks

The COP25 of sharpened knives and damage control

For those already preparing for the Conference of Parties (COP) 26 in Glasgow, there is good news. It is hard to imagine a harsher and weirder COP than the COP25.There are now potential milestones for Glasgow that were not possible in Madrid. This record long and near orphaned COP, first abandoned by Brazil, then Santiago, and then miraculously (really) held within short notice in Madrid, is finally over. A record number of hours and days. While viewed as a failure in the face of rising global emissions and temperatures, some things happened on process and politics that deserve understanding. Read more.

COP24 – Outcome of Katowice Talks

The Bare Minimum

This aim of the December climate change conference in Poland, known as the Conference of Parties 24 (or COP24), was to define an implementation ‘Rulebook’ for the Paris Agreement.  After two weeks of exhausting, if not ‘fierce’ negotiations, how did it all go? It depends on whom you talk to.

If you talk to people seeking the inclusion of rights language in the decision text – known as ‘The Great 8’ and including human rights, indigenous peoples and local communities, gender equity, intergenerational equity, ensuring eco-system integrity and biodiversity, food security, just transition, public participation and – then the conference was a failure. Read more.