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James Hansen TED talk      video
James Hansen: Why I must speak out about climate change.
18-minute TED talk 2009

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“Before the Flood” –  Leonardo DiCaproio travels the world speaking with scientists and world leaders about the dramatic effects of climate change – View here

Climate change is happening now. Here’s how we adapt. 
Climate researcher Alice Bows-Larkin that it’s time we do things differently—a whole system change, in fact—and seriously consider trading economic growth for climate stability.  View here

When it comes to climate change, why do we do so little when we know so much?’ 
This is the story of our unique moment in history. We are living through an age of tipping points and rapid social and planetary change. We’re the first generation to feel the impacts of climate disruption, and the last generation that can do something about it.   View here .

The Science behind global warming    Video
May 2014: 14-minute video by Emily Blevgad:
 I made this for my final project in Chemistry in 11th grade. This video details how we understand global warming, and the chemistry behind how it affects each and every one of us. 

Bernie Sanders explains why the USA is failing to take climate change seriously.
Influence by fossil fuel industry and unlimited monet to lawmakers are responsible for ensuring the USA is the serious problem to challenging climate change  – 7-minute video

Why we need a carbon tax to solve clinate change  Video
Elon Musk breaks down climate change for students at The Sorbonne in Paris right before the historic COP21 Climate Change Conference in which 170+ nations signed to reduce carbon emissions below 2C, and preferably under 1.5C.

An Inconvenient Truth – “I Need To Wake Up”  – Video
“I Need to Wake Up” – a song by Melissa Etheridge  written for the 2006 documentary ‘An Inconvenient Truth’-  winning the Best Song Category at the Oscars.   

Questions for a resilient future:   Video   (Jan 2014 – 16 min)“Unless we take immediate action, by the time today’s children reach middle-age, the life support system of the Earth will be irreversibly damaged.”   Kathleen Dean Moore.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch  (3 minute video)  is a massive dump of floating garbage in the Pacific Ocean. We contribute to it every day by littering and using un-biodegradable materials. Our trash is taken downstream from rivers into the ocean, where currents sweep it to the closest patch.

“Open Your Eyes” –  4-minute video
Plastic pollution videonarrated by Jeff Bridges
Americans discard more than 30 million tons of plastic a year. Only 8% gets recycled.

Wave Power – “Harvesting Ocean Kinetic Energy” –
2.5 minute video (2016)
There are so many ways to generate electricity from the ocean which can supply twice the planet’s energy needs if fully embraced.

Climate change threatens much of life on Earth, with the extinction rate at roughly 100 times normal. Rising sea levels are already displacing entire communities, and could threaten hundreds of millions of people in the near future – video