“It’s about our children”

Wayne Leonard – Chairman and CEO of Entergy Corp.

“It’s about our children. It’s about our children’s children. We’re cheating them out of their future, and we’re doing it with our eyes wide open. And that’s exactly how history will judge us if we don’t pass comprehensive climate and energy reform now.”

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“What makes Europe greener than the US?”

By Elizabeth Rosenthal – The Guardian

The average American produces three times the amount of CO2 emissions as a person in France. A US journalist now living in Europe explains how she learned to love her clothesline and sweating in summer.

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“Today’s Young Graduates: Your Environment, Your Future”

By Paul Hawken – www.paulhawken.com

Speaking to today’s young graduates – your environment – your future. When asked if I am pessimistic or optimistic about the future, my answer is always the same: If you look at the science about what is happening on earth and aren’t pessimistic, you don’t understand the data. But if you meet the people who are working to restore this earth and the lives of the poor, and you aren’t optimistic, you haven’t got a pulse.  

The Commencement Address by Paul Hawken to the Class of 2009, University of Portland, May 3, 2009

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“What rising sea levels mean”


      by Alan Burns March 14, 2009

The current rate is about 3 mm per year. Additionally, David Vaughan in the British Antarctic Survey tells the BBC that “. . . whatever happens in this century can only start from present conditions and present rates of sea level rise, and that constrains the rise that can occur this century. However, if you’re looking further ahead than 2100 – and many governments are, including the Netherlands and the UK which are thinking about infrastructure that would last more than 100 years – then that second century still looks quite scary.”

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“The Climate Change Clock is Ticking”

By Mark Lynas – www.marklynas.org

The UK is in denial about its real carbon emissions, suggests a report from the Stockholm Environment Institute. The academics conclude that if “outsourced” emissions produced in countries like China on goods which are imported into the UK are included in our total carbon footprint, this country’s total greenhouse gas emissions are 49% higher than currently reported. So we should think twice when blaming the Chinese for emitting the CO2 that is required in the manufacture of our fridges and televisions.

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