Newsdesk – August 18

Once an urban anomaly, 50C is fast becoming reality. Imagine a city at 50C (122F). Pavements empty, parks quiet, entire neighbourhoods uninhabited. Nobody with a choice ventures outside during daylight hours. Several cities in the Gulf are getting increasingly accustomed to such heat. Two years ago, Basra, Iraq, registered 53.9C. At Mecca, on current trends it is only a matter of time before temperatures exceed Mecca’s record 51.3C reached in 2012. Overnight temperatures this summer remained above 42.6 in Oman, the highest “low” temperature ever recorded in the world. At 50C, heat becomes toxic. Human cells start to cook, blood thickens, muscles lock around the lungs and the brain is choked of oxygen – Guardian

‘By youth, for the youth’: a manifesto for tomorrow’s activists. Inaugural International Congress of Youth Voices create a global network at three-day congress.  “We are a network of empowered youth voices from around the globe that strive to take action for the world we wish to see. We recognize the issues that threaten human rights within our generation; let’s counteract them by implementing innovative solutions in the areas of health, education, social justice, security, and the environment.” – Guardian

  • Scientists say another 4 more hot years probably pending –
  • India’s Kerala region’s worst flooding in nearly a century – Guardian
  • Adapting to climate change wrong approach –  Guardian
  • To avoid catastrophic flooding, Europe will need billions of euros to adapt –
  • Meat and dairy industries surpass oil industry as world’s biggest polluters Independent
  • Tax haven money is fueling illegal fishing and Amazon deforestation – ClimateNewsNetwork
  • USA has a heat problem – ‘It can’t get much hotter … can it?’ – Guardian
  • Farmers in war-torn Afghanistan hit by worst drought in decades – SpaceDaily
  • Climate change makes environment second most important issue in Sweden’s general election – TerraDaily
  • Indonesian capital sinking quickly: parts could be entirely submerged by 2050 – BBC
  • Activists get big victories in fight against Appalachia pipelines – ThinkProgress