Newsdesk – June 30

A growing civil resistance grassroots movement is tackling global warming.  Activists say they are taking a stand against life-threatening activities like fossil fuel burning and fracking. Organizers say a growing sense of the magnitude of the climate crisis is spurring ever more people – particularly young people – to get involved. A quick scan on the internet shows there are daily protests on nearly every continent. “We’re fighting for our generation,” says Hannes, a participant in Austria. “We are reasonable people trying to defend nature and the climate,” he says. “We’re not the extreme ones – people who want to keep burning coal and cutting down forests are extreme, because they are destroying the environment that we need to live” –

  • World Bank: Half of South Asia living in vulnerable climate ‘hotspots’ – Reuters
  • Trump Administration sued by 11 states over HFCs  – InsideClimateNews  (See HFC page)
  • Sunny Day flooding – America’s new climate norm – Guardian
  • Almost a quarter of child deaths in sub-Saharan Africa could be prevented by improving air quality – Independent
  • US judge throws out climate change lawsuits against big oil – ABCNews
  • Rallies in Germany against government’s continued reliance on coal – DeutscheWelle
  • Mumbai becomes the largest Indian city to ban single-use plastics – Guardian
  • Train derailment spills 230,000 gallons of crude oil into Iowa river –FoxNews
  • NOAA won’t drop climate and conservation from its mission, agency says – USAToday
  • Court orders controversial pipeline halt over West Virginia streams and wetlands – EcoWatch
  • Worst drought in 40 years: Latvia declares a national state of disaster – TerraDaily
  • Indian capital’s summer of discontent: anger, killings over water – Reuters
  • UK Roads have begun to melt as the UK basks in the ongoing heatwave – Telegraph