Newsdesk – June 16

The Petersberg Climate Dialogue – June 17-19. In preparations for the Poland IPCC talks, the forum, hosted by Germany for the ninth year, will call for developed world nations to mobilise $100 billion a year (scheduled to begin in 2020) for climate finance to developing countries. Because of Trump’s backsliding, other countries have acted more quickly on the $10 billion start-up contributions – ClimateChangeNews

  • Climate change expected to displace millions of people from more frequent extreme weather – PhysicsWorld
  • Bangladeshis again bracing themselves against the onslaught of floods – ClimateNewsNetwork
  • Pope Francis tells oil executives to act on climate – ThinkProgress
  • EU sets 32% renewable energy target by 2030 – ClimateChangeNews
  • French farmers protest palm oil as biofuel –OilGasDaily
  • Activists plan September worldwide climate demonstrations for clean energy transition – ClimateChangeNews
  • The world’s biggest companies are increasingly worried about climate change – Bloomberg
  • Germany to miss 2020 greenhouse gas emissions target – DeutscheWelle
  • Judge orders EPA to comply with Clean Air Act in ozone lawsuit – EcoWatch
  • In possible roadblock for Keystone XL, pipeline opponents gift land to Ponca –