Newsdesk – June 9

Big investors urge G7 to step up climate action, shift from coal. Institutional investors with $26 trillion in assets under management called on Group of Seven leaders on Monday to phase out the use of coal in power generation to help limit climate change, despite strong opposition from Washington. They charged that Government plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions were too weak to limit warming as agreed by world leaders at a Paris summit in 2015 – Reuters


  • New NASA chief now accepts human-driven global warming and signals reprieve for endangered climate missions –
  • Fifty nations are now taking action to reduce plastic pollution – BBC
  • PM Modi announces India will eliminate all single-use plastic in the country by 2022 – Guardian
  • Fortune 500 companies invest in solar and wind – NewYorkTimes
  • Thousands of people expected to attend the March for the Ocean in Washington, DC – NewsDeeply
  • Judge rules EPA must produce the opposing body of science Pruitt has relied – ScientificAmerican
  • New leadership in Spain and Italy promise faster action on clean energy – ClimateChangeNews
  • Hurricane season 2018: Experts warn of super storms, call for new category 6 – InsideClimateNews
  • Rich nations spend $100 billion a year on fossil fuel subsidies despite climate pledges – Reuters
  • South Australia rides renewables boom to become electricity exporter – Guardian
  • Pope Francis to discuss climate change with oil company ceo’s – Bloomberg
  • New ultra-low emission zone in London to be 18 times larger than initially planned – Independent