Newsdesk – June 2

The coming wave of climate displacement. At last count, there were some 258 million migrants worldwide, with 22.5 million people registered as refugees by the UN Refugee Agency. These numbers will be dwarfed if even the most modest climate-related predictions are borne out. According to the International Organization for Migration, climate change could displace as many as one billion people by 2050. And yet no international treaty covers climate-induced migration –


  • Federal judge in a climate change lawsuit is forcing oil companies to cough up internal documents –
  • Global funds back desert solar to bring power to 250 million Africans – ClimateChangeNews
  • While Maryland suffers its 2nd 1,000-year flood in two years, Ethiopia and Yemen are also deluged by rains.
  • EU challenges UK to ‘race to the top’ on plastics reduction – Guardian
  • Europe is building more wind and solar – without any subsidies –
  • Step by step, Paris is trying to rid itself of petrol and diesel cars – BBC
  • Dutch fishermen protest wind turbine expansion in North Sea – Guardian
  • Nevada utility putting $2 billion into solar power and storage – RenewableEnergyWorld