Newsdesk – May 19

The UN Security Council is starting to take climate change seriously. The UN Security Council iscomprised of 15 countries that takes binding decisions for all 193 UN members. This alone makes the Security Council a very powerful institution, but combined with its capacity to sanction, and intervene in the affairs of states it has an influence far exceeding that of any other international body. It is, in many respects, the executive of the international system – ClimateChangeNews

  • NASA: Water shortages key environmental challenge of the century – Guardian
  • Major global clothing brands aims to reduce global waste from fashion by recycling raw materials – Reuters
  • Indigenous groups and institutional investors call on oil and gas industries, to opt out of Arctic drilling – ThinkProgress
  • U.S. judge blocks Oakland Port’s ban on coal shipments – Bloomberg
  • UK referred to Europe’s top court over air pollution – BBC
  • Organisation co-founded by murdered activist sues Dutch bank over support for Honduran dam – Guardian
  • Cambridge students go on hunger strike to pressure University to divest –Guardian
  • Kabul facing immense water shortages – CircleofBlue
  • The March for the Ocean  – June 9 in Washington DC – TheNation
  • Global demand for air conditioning to triple by 2050 – SpaceDaily