Newsdesk – April 28

Accepting the impending end of most life on Earth might be the very thing needed to help us prolong it.  86-year-old social scientists Mayer Hillman is amazed that our thinking rarely stretches beyond 2100. “This is what I find so extraordinary when scientists warn that the temperature could rise to 5C or 8C. What, and stop there? What legacies are we leaving for future generations? Our children and grandchildren are going to be extraordinarily critical”  – Guardian

  • Trump’s attempt to weaken vehicle standards struck down by court –InsideClimateNews
  • Two South African women stop $76 billion international nuclear deal- Guardian
  • Danger of nuclear waste stored at Pilgrim station on Plymouth Bay. – BostonGlobe
  • Poland’s addiction to coal giving way to wind power – Bloomberg
  • Wind & solar provide 98% of new US generating capacity early 2018 – RenewableEnergyWorld
  • Mozambique prays for rain as water shortages hit country’s poor – Guardian
  • Minnesota court rules that four climate activists can use a “necessity defense” –ThinkProgress
  • Former New York  Mayor Bloomberg says he will pay $4.5m for US commitment to the Paris climate accord – BBC
  • Trump proves unlikely asset in fight against climate change – IrishTimes
  • Florida and Texas expected to take biggest economic hit from climate change –MarketWatch
  • Tesla expanding rapidly in China –