Newsdesk to April 7

Shell knew fossil fuels created climate change risks back in 1980s. A trove of documents shows the oil company’s scientists urged its leaders to heed the warnings. That could now play into lawsuits over global warming – InsideClimateNews

  • Fossil fuels on trial: Where the major climate change lawsuits stand today – InsideClimateNews
  • Lake Chad: Can the vanishing lake be saved? – BBC
  • Middle East nuclear power expansion –  ClimateNewsNetwork
  • Costa Rica’s new president promises an oil-free future – ClimateChangeNews
  • 15 attorneys general file a lawsuit against the EPA for not controlling methane emissions – TheHill
  • Drought affecting 99% of New Mexico – abqjournal
  • At least 7 countries set high-temperature records in March: Pakistan reached 114F –WashingtonPost
  • EPA’s effort to weaken fuel efficiency standards will face California legal battle –InsideClimateNews
  • Fiji’s existence threatened by new era of deadly climate change – Independent
  • Pennsylvania Superior Court rules fracking from a neighboring property is trespassing – DailyClimate