Newsdesk to February 17

Lack of women in energy industry hold up climate change. The lack of women in energy companies is holding back the sector’s efforts to tackle climate change, a leading industry watcher has warned. The fact that the industry is so dominated by men and particularly older white men it is slowing down the energy transition –  Guardian

  • Intelligence agencies warn of climate risks in worldwide threat assessment – InsideClimateNews  
  • Pledges fight global warming – brace yourself for more extreme weather – LATimes
  • South Africa declares drought a ‘national disaster’ – SpaceDaily
  • Drought forces Mozambique capital to ration water – SpaceDaily
  • Peru moves to protect one of the last great intact forests – NewYorkTimes
  • CA truck rules – conflict with Trump administration on oil drilling –ScientificAmerican
  • Shipping first as commercial tanker crosses Arctic sea route in winter – Guardian
  • Queen Elizabeth declares war on plastic – EcoWatch
  • Clothing industry set to consume 25% of global carbon supply by 2050 – TheNation
  • Sea level rise accelerating: 4 inches per decade (or more) by 2100 – InsideClimateNews
  • Rural America’s drinking-water crisis – NewRepublic