Newsdesk to February 10

Developing world cannot sustainably achieve living standards as West. High standards of living for all the world’s inhabitants would require up to six times as many resources as the planet can sustainably provide, a new global study has found – Independent

  • UK insurer to invest in Poland coal expansion – Guardian  
  • Oil majors to face London, NY hearings over Philippine climate impact –  ClimateChangeNews
  • Scientists try to make it simple for Trump  – InsideClimateNews
  • Germany to set end date for coal power in 2019 – EnergyCollective
  • Congress extends tax breaks for clean energy – and carbon capture – InsideClimateNews
  • Study: If the world builds every coal plant climate change doomed –WashingtonPost
  • California plans to block oil transportation to halt offshore drilling – Reuters
  • Power plants’ coal ash  toxins leak groundwater – InsideClimateNews