Newsdesk to January 27

In 2017, the oceans were by far the hottest ever recorded. The fact that 2017 was the oceans’ hottest year doesn’t prove humans are warming the planet. But, the long term upward trend that extends back many decades does prove global warming – Guardian

  • One million barrels of highly toxic oil in East China Sea spill threat to marine life – Guardian
  • UN climate dues: More than 80% of countries fail to contribute on time – ClimateNewsNews
  • Indian Prime Minister Modi at Davos forum urges action on climate change – Reuters
  • Panic and blame as Cape Town braces for water shut-off – SpaceDaily
  • France to be coal-free by 2021 –
  • England launches Refill campaign to reduce plastic water bottle use –
  • Solar tariff ruling: What it means for the US solar industry –