Newsdesk to January 13

Scientists can now blame individual natural disasters on climate change. And as the science continues to mature, it may have ramifications for society. Legal experts suggest that attribution studies could play a major role in lawsuits brought by citizens against companies, industries or even governments. They could help reshape climate adaptation policies throughout a country or even the world – ScientificAmerica

  • New York City sues oil companies over climate change – InsideClimateNews
  • Climate and weather disasters cost U.S. a record $306 billion in 2017 –InsideClimateNews
  • Trump’s coal/nuclear bailout is dead – Atlantica
  • Four landmark climate change lawsuits to watch in 2018 – DW
  • The bottom of the ocean has started sinking under the weight of melting glaciers –ScienceAlert
  • China builds world’s biggest solar plant – Guardian
  • International dismay at Germany’s 2020 climate target lapse – ClimateChangeNews
  • As Beijing’ air quality improves, blue skies appear – TerraDaily
  • Indigenous women occupy State grounds in Washington – Aljazeera