Newsdesk to January 6

2018 is the year for protecting the planet – with or without the U.S. This will be a big year for the Paris climate agreement. The broad outlines of the deal were figured out in 2015, but the specific rules governing what it requires countries to do will have to be written by the end of 2018 – Reuters

  • Environmentalist victory in Brazil to end Amazon mega-dam building policy – Mongabay
  • Global warming could leave 25% of the planet in permanent drought – SpaceDaily
  • China’s ban on importing waste goes into effect –NPR  (Also chaos in UK.–Guardian)
  • Katowice: A European coal capital goes green –
  • France – global leader in curbing food waste – CSMonitor
  • Native American tribes etc led the toughest environmental fights of 2017 – InsideClimateNews
  • The connection between a melting Arctic and frigid temperatures on the East Coast –   Motherboard
  • Fiji and other South Pacific states are extremely vulnerable to rising sea levels –
  • Texas coastline slowly disappearing due to sea level rise and storm surges –TexasTribune
  • Norwegian campaigners lose court case against Arctic oil drilling – ClimateChangeNews